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We're a bit quirky. 


"Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits."  

Quirk is a small business designed to meet an obvious need shared by many other small businesses and most small-scale nonprofits. These entities play foundational roles in their local economies and are crucial to improving quality of life. The small scale of these operations, and their focus on meeting community needs and providing for their customers and employees, however, takes focus away from marketing their business or organization, which in turn makes it more difficult for them to grow and serve a larger customer and client base. 


For less than the cost of a part-time, minimum wage employee, Quirk can help small businesses and nonprofits meet their outreach and fundraising goals through assistance with website design and search engine optimization, branding, social media management, event promotion, traditional media management and more. 


With transparent pricing and the ability to tailor agreements to only pay for the services they need, small businesses and nonprofits can feel comfortable seeing a demonstrated return on investment for all of the marketing dollars they spend. 


Quirk offers support for the growth of small businesses and nonprofits, with all the experience of a large marketing firm, at less than the cost of a high school aged employee.


Our mission is to assist the small businesses and nonprofits that strengthen our community with the communications support they need to reach their goals.

Meet the Team


The Quirk Pineapple


The pineapple has a rich history in Europe, where it once represented luxury because of the fruit's rarity and exoticism. Today, pineapples are a fun, bright icon. The Quirk Pineapple brings a little bit of brightness and fruitiness to the Quirk team. In its spare time, the Quirk Pineapple enjoys afternoons at the beach.

Kayleigh J.T. Harrison


Kayleigh has a BA in Political Science with a certificate in Journalism Studies and a minor in Law from the University of Tulsa. She previously worked as a campaign manager for Skyfire Media, a Writer and Producer for a Tulsa AIDs Crisis documentary and a Reporter for the Claremore Daily Progress. Kayleigh brings her experience in video production, writing and strategic planning to Quirk Communications. In her free time, Kayleigh enjoys watching historical dramas and playing video games. 

Kait Burton


Kait has a BA in Strategic Communication and a BA in Creative Writing from Oklahoma State University. She previously worked as a Writing Intern for the OSU Department of Brand Management, a Grant Writer for Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services, and a Communications Intern for the American Red Cross. Kait contributes her experience in website and graphic design to the Quirk team. In her free time, she enjoys playing DND, writing short stories and watching horror TV shows.